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Free Source of Energy Technology by Syed Mohammad Ahmed (light)

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Free Source of Energy Technology by Syed Mohammad Ahmed in DIfferent Formats and Devices. (light)

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Free Source of Energy Technology

Future with Free Energy Concepts and Technologies, End of Oil and Energy Crisis, Global Warming, Air Pollution, Revolutionizing World and Saving Earth


Free Source of Energy Technology is the future of the world, this type of technology will revolutionize every business industry and all the existing products and services will be upgraded and made compatible with the Free Energy Technologies.

Free Energy Technology will help save the world from the anticipated and devastating events of Global Warming, Climate Change, Air Pollution, and the nearby Oil and Energy Crisis.

In the future, the products and services and the industries concerned with the making of electronics, automotive, marine, and heavy machinery will start producing those items that will have a built-in power source known as Free Energy Technology.

Power plants, such as nuclear, wind, dams, and solar will become an obsolete and rare backup mode due to the innovation of Free Source of Energy Concepts Technologies.

Not only the Real Estate Sector but all the other sectors and cities and nations around the world will move onto the more safe, clean, and reliable sources of energy such as Free Energy Technologies.

Electric Power will become the most inexpensive utility; thus, every household will not be worrying about the monthly or annual electric utility bills.

All the poor nations around the globe that lack power connections will soon become economic powerhouses and will have infinite electric energy-generating power plants due to the innovations of Free Source of Energy Technologies and Concepts.

In the next 50 years or so the global oil resources will drastically decline and will become a scarce resource; thus, the energy crisis can take its toll on every nation around the globe, but due to the incredible innovation of Free Energy Technologies, the future events of oil and energy crisis will no longer be big trouble and will be mitigated due to Free Energy Technologies and inventions.

Global Air pollution will be eliminated due to Free Energy Technologies because the automotive industries and transportation sectors around the globe will adopt the Free Energy Concepts and Technologies; thus, modern vehicles will no longer be using fossil fuels as power.

The Free Energy Concepts and Technologies will save every household and business industry around the globe, thousands of dollars that otherwise be spent on Electricity Bills.

Free Source of Energy Technology by Syed Mohammad Ahmed (light)

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Free Source of Energy Technology by Syed Mohammad Ahmed in DIfferent Formats and Devices. (light)

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Why Existing Energy/Powerplants Ways are Irrelevant and Unreliable?

In this article, I have written a few answers and explained why Solar Panel Power Plants, Wind Turbines, Water Turbines or Dams, and Nuclear Powerplants are no longer relevant and reliable.

solar panels and wind turbines

A Wind Turbine or Solar Power Panels Plants and Water Turbines Dams are not reliable and sufficient sources of energy because of various reasons, such as cost of production and installation, scarce resources or limited materials factor or difficulty to acquire, insufficient, unreliable, and scarce external forces of nature factor. A Wind Turbine needs High-Speed Air Winds and a Solar Panel requires Sufficient sunlight or sun rays, Water Turbines or Dams rely on Waterfalls/running waters. A High Wind, sunlight, Waterfalls/Running Waters are all at the mercy of Weather Conditions or Nature or Rarely Gifted Natural Geographies that are not available everywhere but somewhere in the middle of a remote location or as a rare occurrence.

wind turbine and solar panel power

The biggest reason why Solar or Wind Power plants and Water Turbines or Dams are not reliable is that they require an external force such as Winds, sunlight, and Waterfalls/Running Water to make them work. So relying on an external factor of nature, such as the sunlight and Wind and Waterfalls/Running Water by these technologies are a major drawback as these machines do not work unless we found a reliable natural treasure, or specific weather condition is met. The external forces such as sunlight, High Winds, and Waterfalls/Running Waters will be different a few decades from now, due to Climate Change and Global Warming, no one knows exactly when these present circumstances or natural treasures will depreciate completely.

nuclear powerplant for energy and radiation leaking

A Nuclear Powerplant is extremely expensive, unreliable, and dangerous to build due to the high cost of production and because of what we have learned from the history of powerplant disasters and their negative impact on the environment by the leaked radiation.

Free Source of Energy Technology by Syed Mohammad Ahmed in DIfferent Formats and Devices. (light)

Why Free Energy Technologies Are The Ultimate Future?

We humans need to create machinery that does not need to rely on external forces of nature such as the Sun-light and Wind or Waterfalls/Running Waters, in the modern age of advancements we can build, create and master a Self-sustaining Motion Machinery or Self-sustaining Systematic Mechanism that fully rely on its mechanical components to create an external force to make the system work in the desired way. We do not need to make or build or fully depend on energy technologies or powerplants that rely on the external forces of nature to work or when certain weather conditions are met or when rare gifted natural geographical advantages such as Waterfalls/Running Waters are found because we can master the science of Free Energy Technology to create a mechanical device that can generate an infinite and controlled amount of electrical energy as man-made machinery.

Written by Syed Mohamamd Ahmed, Founder at

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