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Terms and Conditions, Copyrights and Intellectual Property Notices

Syed Mohammad Ahmed is the author and owner of all intellectual properties, book(s), ebook(s), paperback(s), hardcover(s), copies, electronic copies, publication(s), copyrights, assets, material(s), ideas, models, website(s), and application(s), that are displayed, showcased, and mentioned here on the freesourceofenergy.com

For using the author’s concepts, ideas, materials, models, and any intellectual properties for commercial and for-profit reasons, that are made available for licensing, you need to obtain a license and written permission from the owner and original author.

Syed Mohammad Ahmed is maybe willing to negotiate an agreement on a royalties basis anywhere from 1% to 10% of total revenue, depending on the nature of the business and its size and scope of use.

Each individual and the distinguished entity will be given a custom License and Agreement after the assessment and evaluation done by Syed Mohammad Ahmed himself.

Obtaining any such license(s) by you from Syed Mohammad Ahmed and freesourceofenergy.com nor grant and nor allow you to resell the intellectual properties and assets and license(s) for any reasons whether commercial, for-profit or experimentational basis, as obtaining these licenses will only allow your own consumption and utilizations and for that you need the written permission and license from Syed Mohammad Ahmed based on a mutual agreement reached.

Obtaining any such license(s) does not give and nor grant you any sort of special permission(s) or ownership, equity, or rights to the original intellectual properties, materials and assets, and Syed Mohammad Ahmed has all the rights to cancel, breach, terminate or withdraw license from you for any reasons that seems inappropriate or harmful to him, his products and services and intellectual properties and assets.

Feel free to inquire for a license via this email at license@freesourceofenergy.com

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Obtain A License