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Copyright Notice

This book and website content and materials are the intellectual properties of its author and owner, thus protecting is essential and this book and website materials are 100% plagiarism-free, and every word, sentence, and concept that are written inside this Digital Format, Website(s), Online or Offline Applications and Materials, Book, Paperback, Hardcopy or Book comes from authors mind and is the result of his natural thought process. You cannot copy or create derivative and similar works from the contents and materials of this book(s) and website(s) without written permission from the original author and owner, however, you can print the eBook version if you have legally downloaded it from a genuine source for yourself only.


Intellectual Property Notice

This book(s) and website(s) is the intellectual property of Syed Mohammad Ahmed, who is the sole owner and author of this book(s) and website(s) and all contents and materials of this website(s) and book(s), and all the concepts, materials and ideas given, written, and mentioned are the intellectual assets of its author, and owning and purchasing this book(s) or accessing this website materials and content gives you no special permissions or any rights to utilize any concepts, ideas or part of this book(s) and website(s), or website content and materials without the written permission of original owner and author, You cannot utilize any idea or concepts in this book(s) or website(s) for commercial purposes or for profit, but can use them for non-profit or experimenting purposes. This book and website will enrich the readers with the knowledge and give them perspective over Free Source of Energy Concepts and Technologies (Free Energy Technology or Techs). However, you are not allowed to copy the exact models, concepts, and ideas for the sake of commercial reasons or profit without written consent, but you can come up with your own unique concepts, thanks to this book.

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